Des solutions d'assurance sur-mesure
Our range

insurance solutions

A range of solutions perfectly suited to your needs.

Insurance solutions tailored to all types of profile: athletes, clubs, federations, agents, event organisers, etc.

Contracts with the largest companies, fully managed by Henner Sports and tailored to meet your needs.

To better protect you,
our guarantees are valid:

All causes (accident and illness)
24 hours a day
In your professional and private life

Individual insurance

Total permanent

A lump-sum paid in the event of an accident or illness resulting in permanent total disability preventing athletes from continuing their sporting activity.


A lump sum paid in the event of death caused by an accident or illness. The total permanent disability and life benefits are available to all players, regardless of nationality, throughout the European Community.

Temporary total
disability for work

Wage guarantee

Benefit paid to cover for the loss of revenue caused by accident or illness at the end of a 3-month waiting period.

Wage escalation option

Guarantees wage increases when specified in the employment contract.

Loss of Match bonus insurance

Payment of an allowance corresponding to the match bonuses set in the employment contract, in case of accident or illness, after a qualifying period of 3 matches and at least 30 days.


Payment of supplementary benefits to those of the basic health insurance scheme.

Agent public
liability insurance

Aimed at allowing licensed sports agents to be insured as part of their professional activity as an agent.

Group insurance

Group life
and disability plan

Policy taken out by the employer for the benefit of employees and meeting the stipulations of the collective agreements of the discipline.

Key person

Contract subscribed by the club to cover the transfer amounts or the value of its players in the event of death or permanent disability.

Event Insurance


A policy that guarantees the financial consequences incurred by insured members when they cause bodily, material or immaterial injury to a third party.

and damages

Insurance to cover the consequences of the cancellation and any damages caused.